February 22, 2010


Monday, Feb. 23: 'packed lunch' at home

So while I’ve twice packed lunches vaguely trying to follow the Just Bento guidelines (I sound like I’m obsessed with numbering and listing things, don’t I?) this was the first time it was all Asian food. Only I didn’t pack it, just ate it at home.  I did prep the whole thing in about 10 minutes, which was great, not to mention good practice.

Contents: 1 cup of brown rice (from freezer, heated in nonstick pan; maybe not as nice as fresh, but eh, I’m not that fond of rice anyway, and it saved a lot of time); beef soboro from fridge, with some of the grease drained out; orange juice carrots from fridge (I realized after taking the photo that this was too many carrots, proportionally, and put some away);  briefly boiled baby spinach with sesame seeds and rice vinegar (a nice contrast to the other things); and frozen Trader Joe’s edamame, boiled for a few minutes in the spinach water.

Verdict: I ate it too fast (it’s the soboro, it’s so candylike and moreish, it’s hard to stop).  The mix of one super-seasoned food with a bunch of bland ones worked better than I was expecting — you just keep stirring things around.  I didn’t feel very good for the rest of the day and ended up supplementing with handfuls of dried cranberries and pistachio nuts before dinner, which can’t be good, but I never feel too good on a Monday after a late night and a bottle of wine, so I don’t think that counts as evidence of whether this type of meal is filling and satisfying for me or not.  It was definitely fast and fun.  Next time I’ll try to let it cool down before I start eating, so I don’t have that drive to “finish it while the soboro’s still hot!”


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