(do not laugh at my) sushi!

February 19, 2010

haha 'sushi'

Made Friday, Feb. 19: My fifth (and best) attempt

My fourth round of sushi pretty much held together between chopsticks, but this, the fifth, was the first that could be confidently eaten with chopsticks.  It would in no way impress or be tolerated by anyone if I tried to pass it off as real sushi, but just as something for my own personal dinner, it made me ridiculously proud.  The filling is bits of miso-marinated egg plus bits of cucumber ‘salad’ (more like pickles made with rice vinegar and sesame oil — adapted from a Cook’s Illustrated recipe) and the rice is brown.   It was a nice subtle taste, although I preferred the avocado and cooked salmon ones I’d made previously.  Avocado makes everything better.